Titchfield Evangelical Church

The Church
A church building has existed on this site in Titchfield for over 200 years.  A generation ago it was known as Titchfield Congregational Church and included a very large plot of land which where the homes in Chapelside now stand.  Some years ago now it was renamed Titchfield Evangelical Church and is linked, for fellowship, with FIEC (the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches).  

Here's a picture of the church and one view of the  Village Square from outside the building.

The age of the basic building means that there remains today aspects of its architecture which are very old, but church members made a grand effort back in the 1970s to modernise much of its interior. Over the last 5 years a great deal of additional effort and funds have gone into maintenance and improvements. 

 From the foyer you can take the stairs to our church lounge where we enjoy coffee and chat after Sunday  morning services. The room is used at other times for  a mix of meetings and activities.   It overlooks the main hall (sometimes called the  Sanctuary) through windows and the if necessary sound from  the services is relayed there. 

The main hall is light and spacious with a fairly high ceiling and window lights. The acoustics are very good and this makes for  great singing! 

Around about 70 people can be comfortably seated but increased  to 100 if needed.  We currently have 50 modern and comfortable chairs with plenty of stackable plastic chairs as back up.

Beyond the office and up some old stairs are various rooms spread over two floors.  These have been used in the past for Sunday School groups, a minister's study and even an occupied flat. So, we do have fairly expansive facilities and our aim is to grow the congregation - young and older - and build a strong and vibrant church with an increasing influence in our community.

Thank you for visiting Titchfield Evangelical Church - Come back again soon.