Titchfield Evangelical Church

This is our vision

Our aim is to

� share the good news about Jesus

develop the faith of people who become Christians

encourage our own members and regular worshippers

be an active participant in the community, increasing our accessibility

support financially and pray for missions and missionaries in the UK and elsewhere in the world

enjoy wider Christian fellowship with true believers especially in the Fareham area


We believe that the good news (Gospel) about Jesus is still as relevant and life-transforming as it has been since Jesus died and rose again. Each of our church members can give testimony to the peace and joy they have had since coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Our lives have been changed and we have a glorious expectation that our wrongdoing in life has been forgiven and we have received eternal life. We enjoy our friendship and fellowship and want to do our part in sharing the good news with our neighbours and friends in the area.

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